About Arc'teryx

Named for ARCHAEOPTERYX LITHOGRAPHICA, the first reptile to develop the feather for flight, freeing itself from the constraints of the horizontal world.

At Arc'teryx our central purpose is to build the finest products possible.

Arc'teryx was founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1991, where it maintains its Worldwide Head Office, design studios, and main manufacturing facilities. Our central purpose is to build the best product possible. We don't focus on incremental advancements, but on radically improving the status quo. Our designers strive not to outdo the competition, but to challenge assumptions about how products should be built.

We have created groundbreaking construction technology, developed paradigm-shifting designs, and introduced major fabric technology. The resulting deluge of recognition, and mimicry, has cemented our reputation as the best gear designers in the world. Driven by evolution in action, we work passionately to advance performance in the harshest of environments.

The Arc'teryx advantage is achieved by merging our unrivaled designs with the best quality, highest performing materials and assembling them in the most innovative and most durable manner for the intended use.

LEAF -Law Enforcement & Armed Forces Program

Although Arc'teryx has its roots in the climbing world, we realize that the need for better gear exists in many areas. Among the hardest gear users on the planet are the people involved in law enforcement, military operations, peacekeeping missions and security details. The gear they use day in and day out simply has to perform and cannot be allowed to fail. The Arc'teryx Law Enforcement & Armed Forces (LEAF) product line was developed to address those needs.



Armour Compatible Layering

LEAF Stow Hood
Gryphon Halfshell Roll-up Sleeves
Gryphon Halfshell with Armour
Combat Pant Scree Cuff
Combat pant knee pad pocket

Arc'teryx's armour-compatible clothing is designed to work as part of a synergistic system that integrates body armour within the layering system. By creating a series of products that are designed to work in conjunction with your gear, we are able to increase comfort, performance and versatility across a wide range of activities and environments.

Our new Armour Compatible Halfshells utilize hybrid textile combinations to facilitate increased comfort and mobility. Breathable, stretch fabrics (3) are used in areas that are covered by body armour (torso), and durable, waterproof or windproof fabrics are used in high-exposure areas (shoulders, sleeves, hood).

Our Roll-and-Stow sleeve system (2) enables the wearer to modify the sleeve configuration from long to short during high-output activity, and the Stow hood (1) can be rolled-up and tucked away quickly and easily, both systems functioning effortlessly whilst critical body armour stays in place.

Integrated Systems

LEAF products are designed to work in conjunction with one another and your field gear. Hybrid, under-armour halfshells are designed with longer torsos that can be tucked into pants, and low profile hems, flatlocked seams and soft, breathable fabrics create a more comfortable user experience by increasing breathability under armour, eliminating bulk in vulnerable chafe areas, and reducing pressure points under thigh rigs or backpack hipbelts.

Knee caps (4) with integrated 'through-access' strap configurations and easily adjustable buckles—combined with reinforced external webbing panels—fit into specially-designed knee cap pockets in our Sphinx and Gryphon pants keeping the knee cap in place close to the knee.

Collar zippers stop short of chest armour, and pockets are placed strategically to increase accessibility while kitted up. Pants with integrated scree cuffs (5) interface with boots to seal against dirt and debris.

Every design detail has been chosen to enhance the performance properties of each layer within the integrated system, resulting in the highest-performing and most comfortable combat-ready outerwear available.


Hybrid Construction

Our new Armour Compatible Halfshells utilize hybrid textile combinations to facilitate increased comfort and mobility. Breathable, stretch fabrics are used in areas that are covered by body armour (torso), and durable, waterproof or windproof fabrics are used in high-exposure areas (shoulders, sleeves, hood).

Stow Hood

Integrated Stow Hood fits over a helmet, and can easily be rolled up and tucked away without first having to remove the jacket or armour.

Roll-and-Stow Sleeve System

Roll-and-Stow sleeves roll up and stow easily to create a short sleeve jacket, as temperatures rise, or output increases, without having to remove body armour.

Integrated Knee Cap Pockets

Integrated Knee Cap pockets place hard cap kneepads behind a layer of webbing and fabric, eliminating the sound of plastic caps on hard surfaces and reducing the amount of material that can bunch up between the knee cap and knee. Elastic straps exit the pocket through special openings to remain externally adjustable while the Knee Cap itself remains concealed


Pack Information

V-Frame™ Suspension:

Our Tango pack is built upon our revered Bora suspension design - a sturdy, dual aluminum stay system positioned in a V-alignment. This configuration is the key to our pivoting hipbelt design, which improves load stability and allows natural hip rotation on technical terrain, conserving critical energy.

The Echo pack utilizes a stripped down version of our V-Frame™ suspension system. This lighter system maintains all the carrying power of the Bora suspension, but features a slimmer profile shoulder strap and pivoting hipbelt to reduce bulk. The back panel consists of an ultra-thin laminated foam layer that gets the load close to the back while the stiff plastic insert maintains the shape and rigidity.

Vapor™ Technology:

The Tango and Echo packs feature back panels, hipbelts and shoulder straps made with our revolutionary Vapor™ thermoformed technology. Constructed of layers of variable density foam, they are laminated and thermoformed into a curved and cupped shape that conforms to the anatomical contours of the wearer. This thermoformed shape removes pressure from the hips and shoulders, transferring the load gently over the entire area of contact. This proven suspension construction method increases comfort and the ability to carry heavy loads for longer periods.

Common Features:

  • Signal Reduction: The best components are selected to minimize audio and visual signatures, while increasing tactile recognition.
  • Center-Line Hydration and Comm Port: Hydro tube, mikes and cords can be routed to either shoulder strap
  • Quick-Release Shoulder Straps: Packs can be disconnected with shoulder strap-mounted buckles for easy release in the prone position or difficult situations
  • Drag Handle: All packs have a top center-line handle for vehicle transport or emergency hauling