Rider 3 Lt SOURCE

Rider 3 Lt SOURCE
  • Rider 3 Lt SOURCE
  • Rider 3 Lt SOURCE
  • Rider 3 Lt SOURCE
  • Rider 3 Lt SOURCE
  • Rider 3 Lt SOURCE
  • Rider 3 Lt SOURCE
  • Rider 3 Lt SOURCE

Rider 3 Lt SOURCE

120,00 €


Rider is SOURCE's premier low profile hydration system,.It is designed specifically for ballistic vest integration yet quickly converts for back carriage or ruck insertion. Maximum utilization of our low profile technology greatly reduces the depth of the carrier making it a true low profile system.

Rider Hydration Pack

X attachment

The Rider carrier attaches to the vest using the integrated X-QCA™ buckle system. Unlike other systems, the X-QCA™ attaches diagonally and won’t loosen as water is consumed and reservoir volume changes. The X-QCA™ enables the user to position the pack optimally.



Length ..................... 14.1”/36 cm

Width....................... 9.8”/25 cm

Max. Depth............... 2.7”/7 cm

Weight (pack)........... 0.48Kg / 1.07Lbs


  • Tuck-Away Contoured Shoulder Straps Shoulder straps are patterned for comfort and are designed to fold into a back storage pocket when not in use.
  • Adjustable Sternum Strap Adds carrying stability. Adjusts to fit a range of body types.
  • Elastic Strap Retainers Secures dangling strap ends.
  • Dual Function Can be worn backpack style or quickly converted for direct armor attachment or streamlined ruck insertion.
  • X-QCA™ System Connects Rider securely to armor or rucks with no need for additional straps or hardware. Fits a wide variety of vest configurations.
  • Easy Reservoir Access Rider’s design allows the bladder to be quickly removed and refilled while its carrier stays on the vest. The zippered wide opening is secured with Velcro plus an optional snap.
  • Cool Insulation Closed cell insulation keeps liquids cool for better absorption by the body.
  • Easy Dry Loop With the zippered front open and the WLPS™ closure removed, the pack hangs upside down for draining and quick drying.
  • Condensation Drain Port Drains condensation from the insulated reservoir sleeve.
  • Dual Tube Routing Top and side ports allow the drinking tube to be routed either over the shoulder or below the arm.
  • Hi-Vis Option Back pocket holds an attached strip of high visibility reflective material for use in low light conditions. Ideal for PT.
  • Storage Space External 1.5L zippered pocket provides quick access to small essentials.
  • UTA™ Compatible Our UTA™ adaptor (sold separately) allows Rider to be refilled from bottles, spigots or mobile water units directly through the drinking tube. There’s no need to remove the system from your back!