Rx Carrier Desert Locust /Bullet Ant

Rx Carrier  Desert Locust /Bullet Ant

Rx Carrier Desert Locust /Bullet Ant

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Designed to fit the Sawfly® Spectacle, Bullet Ant® Tactical Goggle and Desert Locust® Goggle Systems, the Rx Carrier is an effective, efficient vision correction system that combines accurate vision with high impact ocular protection.


·         Carrier frame built for strength and durability

·         Carrier frame and color allow for distraction-free vision and wide field-of- view

·         Rx Carrier can be easily outfitted with prescription lenses by any licensed optician. You can also purchase your Rx Carrier pre-filled with Revision's personalized prescription lens fulfillment service. Carrier holds polycarbonate, CR39 or other material lenses Carrier accommodates prescriptions up to +/-11.

·         One size carrier fits regular and large Sawfly Spectacle, Bullet Ant and Desert Locust Goggles

·         Secure "press fit" insertion ensures optimal placement of corrective lenses 





Desert Locust
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